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10 Best Coffee Makers On The Market Today

10 Best Coffee Makers On The Market Today

10 Best Coffee Makers On The Market Today

What better way to start the day than with a cup of freshly brewed coffee? There are many different ways to brew coffee at home nowadays. From a french press and single-serve brewers to drip coffee makers and espresso machines, it can be difficult to know exactly what method or machine to opt for. Everyone is different and has different tastes and preferences, but if you are looking for a coffee maker, you will want to consider how often you will be making coffee, how many people you will be making it for, how much effort and time you want to spend on making coffee and what your budget is. Here are 10 of the best coffee makers on the market, with their features and plus points.

1. Super-Automatic Espresso Maker Machine With Milk Frother 

At the top end of the market, state-of-the-art super-automatic machines like this can grind the beans, froth milk and use 19-Bar pump pressure to make the perfect espresso, Americano, latte or cappuccino. Machines like this are a considerable investment, but they do produce professional results. Brewing your own coffee at home might just save you from buying a cup on your way to work.

2. Silver Espresso Costway Coffee Maker

Silver Espresso Costway Coffee Maker

This machine comes in a little cheaper, but it’s still at the top end of the market. The Silver Expresso Costway really looks beautiful. It has a powerful 1500w steam wand for frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos and provides truly excellent coffee with its PID temperature control system.

3. Mr. Coffee 24-Hour Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker In Stainless Steel

Mr. Coffee has some great machines available at the moment, but this one boasts a wealth of features. It has a delay timer so your coffee can be ready for you when you get up, a brew strength selector, a freshness timer, and a shut-off feature, making this machine ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

4. Portable Coffee Maker For Ground Coffee And Coffee Capsule

Portable Coffee Maker For Ground Coffee And Coffee Capsule

This portable single-cup machine looks stylish in black and silver, takes both coffee grounds and coffee capsules, and best of all, it allows you to brew and enjoy delicious fresh coffee in just two minutes! It’s small enough to be portable, plus it’s lightweight yet still packed with features such as auto-shutoff and auto-cleaning.

5. Russell Hobbs Retro Style 8-Cup Coffee Maker

Combining retro styling with modern functionality, this Russell Hobbs coffee maker is a drip coffee machine that heats the water, and as it does so, the steam rises up to a drip area where it is dispersed. The heated water flows evenly through the coffee grounds and the filter into the coffee pot. It brews up to eight cups, making it particularly suitable for larger households. It has a pause and pour feature for those who just can’t wait to have their first cup!

6. Brentwood Moka Espresso Maker

This machine brews three to six 10-ounce servings of espresso in just minutes, so this one is especially handy if you’re short on time. It also has a keep-warm function and swivel base.

7. 20-Bar Manual Portable Espresso Coffee Machine 

20-Bar Manual Portable Espresso Coffee Machine

This tiny coffee maker is perfect for those who might like to make coffee in different locations. The machine measures just 3”x3”x8” so it can easily be brought to work or on weekends away. Made from BPA-free plastic and stainless steel and featuring a 2-in-1 extraction design, it’s compatible with capsules and ground coffee. Those on the go will love this machine!

8. Mr. Coffee Stainless Steel Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Another machine from Mr. Coffee, this one more is affordable yet still brews superb coffee. Its water filter eliminates unwanted additives from the water for optimal taste, and it provides 12 cups of great-tasting coffee.

9. Brentwood 4-Cup Coffee Maker

Ideal for smaller households or smaller spaces, this Brentwood four-cup coffee maker is a more basic machine but one that still produces a tasty cup of coffee. It’s easy to use, with a warming plate and cool-touch handle.

10. Mr. Coffee Daily Brew 1.2-Quart Coffee Press

A good-quality coffee press like this one can produce an amazingly rich and luxurious-tasting coffee. It’s essential to use coarsely ground coffee along with a high-quality press to ensure you don’t end up with grounds in your coffee. A press takes up very little room and looks stylish on your breakfast table.