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10 Small Kitchen Island Design Ideas

10 Small Kitchen Island Design Ideas

10 Small Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Anyone who loves cooking knows how important it is to have lots of counter space in your kitchen. If you’re always finding yourself slightly short of storage and/or counter space, a kitchen island could be a fantastic addition to your space. You might assume that kitchen islands are only suitable for those who are lucky enough to have large kitchens, but there are kitchen island designs available to suit any home, no matter how small. Here are ten kitchen island design ideas that are perfect if you have a small kitchen but love cooking.

1. Your kitchen island can double up as a table

If you have a very small kitchen, you can still find room for a kitchen island if you’re creative about how you use your space. Many apartments with open plan kitchen-diners will have a dining table placed close to or in the kitchen area. Why not swap your dining table for a kitchen island? By purchasing some bar stools or tall chairs, you can get your kitchen island to double up as a dining table. This will give you some much-needed food preparation space while also allowing you to have a convenient place to eat your meals.

2. Buy a kitchen island with integrated storage cabinets

Wood Top Rolling Kitchen Trolley Island Cart Storage Cabinet

Those of us with small kitchens can often find ourselves running out of storage space. A kitchen island with cabinets is a fantastic investment because of the amount of additional storage space it offers for storing pans, dishes, or dried foods such as rice and pasta. No matter what style your kitchen is, there’s bound to be an island with integrated cabinets that suits your tastes. If you want everything stored away in cabinets, our Wood Top Rolling Kitchen Trolley Island Cart Storage Cabinet could be ideal for you, while our Sophisticated Kitchen Cart with Casters in White and Brown is perfect if you have some dishes or glasses you want to leave out on display.

Sophisticated Kitchen Cart with Casters in White and Brown

3. Never lose your spices again with an integrated spice rack

Even if you have plenty of cabinets, a kitchen island can still offer you useful, flexible storage space. Anyone who’s fond of cooking knows the frustration of knowing that you have all the spices you need for a dish but not being able to see them. A kitchen island with an integrated spice rack offers a way to keep your herbs and spices organized and easily available.

4. Add extra hooks for kitchen towels and utensils

Ladles and potato mashers are essential cooking utensils, but they often like to jam kitchen drawers shut. You can avoid this problem by buying a kitchen island with hooks for your utensils, such as our Wooden Square Kitchen Island with Handy Pullout Drawers featuring four useful utensil hooks.

Wooden Square Kitchen Island with Handy Pullout Drawers

5. Buy a freestanding kitchen island

If you want a kitchen island but live in a rental property where you can’t install one, a freestanding kitchen island could be the perfect solution. A freestanding island can be taken with you when you move, offering you extra flexibility.

6. Buy a kitchen island on wheels

If you want even more flexibility, consider buying a kitchen island on wheels. A wheeled kitchen island can really transform your space. Use it as a kitchen island when cooking and as a drinks trolley or buffet stand for parties.

7. Create the illusion of space

A kitchen island can be a great way to create the illusion of space in an open-plan apartment. A well-positioned kitchen island can create a sense of separation between your kitchen and sitting areas, making your apartment seem bigger.

8. Use it to house your sink or stove

You can purchase a kitchen island with an integrated cooktop and/or sink, freeing up your countertop space for other activities. Alternatively, you could remove your existing countertops and integrate all your existing appliances (such as your stove, sink, and microwave) into a central kitchen island.

9. Think about shapes

Not all kitchen islands have to be square or rectangular. Kitchen islands are often customizable or available with rounded edges, so there’s bound to be a design out there that’s right for your tastes.

10. Think outside the box

If you have a very narrow or small kitchen, you might still think a kitchen island just isn’t suitable. In this case, why not invest in a wooden server? Smaller than a kitchen island, a wooden server can be used for many of the same purposes, offering much-needed preparation and storage space.