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10 Ways To Turn Your Kitchen Table Into Designer Furniture

10 Ways To Turn A Boring Kitchen Table Into Designer Furniture

10 Ways To Turn A Boring Kitchen Table Into Designer Furniture

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and one of the most important parts of the kitchen is the kitchen table. The trusty kitchen table caters for big breakfasts at the start of the day, hosts cozy coffee mornings, acts as a home office for work-at-home days, and is the perfect spot for informal dinners. Buying a new kitchen table can be a big investment, but it is possible to re-invent a plain or boring kitchen table. Maybe you’ve changed the color scheme or the style of the room, or perhaps the table just looks dated. Here are 10 ways to turn a boring table into a piece of unique, designer furniture.

1. Sand and re-stain

Sand and re-stain

One of the easiest ways to update the look is to sand and re-stain. This can update a worn-out, battered table and make it look fresh and new. If you select the right color of stain, it not only refreshes the table but can change the whole look.

2. Add a floor-length tablecloth

When money is an issue, a sophisticated look can be achieved by simply using a floor-length tablecloth. The length is the key here; a full-length cloth (which also covers any unsightly or boring table legs) draping gently on the floor looks really modern and elegant.

3. Lime to lighten the look

A dark table can be given a new lease on life by sanding and liming it. Lime wax can be used to create a gorgeous white-washed finish, or it can lighten dark or bright paint colors, giving a lighter tone and a modern finish

4. Mismatch

We always think of matching everything together to create a very coordinated look, but an eclectic look is very en vogue at the moment and can be achieved by using mismatched chairs around your kitchen table. A range of styles and colors of chairs make a real impact, creating a sophisticated centerpiece for your kitchen.

5. Tile the top

Make a statement by tiling the top of a plain or boring table with beautiful tiles that will complement your kitchen. The tiles you use will define the look; choose rustic tiles to achieve a country or farmhouse look or modern geometric patterns for a contemporary look.

6. Paint to change the look

Chalk paint gives a fantastic finish, and there are several options to change the look of the table. Contrast a painted top with wooden legs or vice versa - or paint the whole table to give a complete change. Opt for a bright color for a vibrant look, or choose a dark gray or deep blue for a real designer look. Try to match it to another piece of kitchen furniture, such as this Gray Wooden Benzara Kitchen Cart, to create a coordinated look.

Gray Wooden Benzara Kitchen Cart

7. Stencil a design on the top

An inexpensive way to get a unique piece of furniture, stenciling is easier than you might think. There’s a little prep work to do, but then you have free reign to select a pattern and color of your choice to give the desired look. Floral designs suit a farmhouse look, and geometric shapes provide a really modern style.

8. Swap chairs for benches

Playing around with the seating around the table can completely change the appearance of the dining area. Chairs add height to the area, but swapping them for benches makes the tabletop the real centerpiece and provides a very clean and fresh look. Benches can also tuck nicely under the table, making them great for smaller spaces, and they can seat more people. Adding a statement item to the table, such as this Metal Bowl With Open Wire Design adds further interest to the table.

Metal Bowl With Open Wire Design

9. Change the shape of the top

Change the look of your existing table by changing the top. Don’t feel limited to the size and shape of your existing tabletop either. You can easily change the shape and often extend the size a little, but be careful! The existing legs still need to be able to support the new top.

10. Top the table with glass

A sheet of glass on top of the existing tabletop can give a kitchen table a new lease on life. In addition to being practical (it can be easily wiped clean and prevents damage to the table underneath), it gives a really modern and fresh look.