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12 Best Blenders Available in 2021

Hamilton Multifunction Blender

12 Best Blenders Available in 2021

A blender is one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can buy. Blenders are multifunctional and make it a breeze to cook complicated recipes by hand. Whether you want a blender for baking cakes, making smoothies or cooking foods like meatloaf (yes, meatloaf!), a blender is a fantastic piece of kitchen equipment for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen. Here are 12 ideas about what you can do with blenders to help make 2021 your best year in the kitchen yet.

1. Stand Mixers

If you’re looking to purchase a blender for your kitchen, a traditional stand mixer may well be the best place to start. Stand mixers come with a huge range of functions for baking, cooking and more. You can buy stand mixers with a wide range of functions and in a huge variety of colors, so whether you have a traditional kitchen or an ultramodern one, there’s a stand mixer available in a style to suit you.

2. Hand Blenders

If you have a smaller kitchen and don’t have room for a full-sized stand mixer, don’t worry - a handheld blender is the perfect solution for you! Hand blenders such as the Megachef 4-in-1 have all the functions you need while taking up a fraction of the space.

Megachef 4-in-1

3. Smoothie Makers

Whether you love smoothies or you’re just looking for a new way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet, a smoothie maker is a great investment. In addition to giving you the opportunity to make healthy smoothies in any flavor, you can use your smoothie maker for making treats like milkshakes and ice cream floats.

4. Blend Your Own Soups

You can also make your own healthy soups, ranging from warming pumpkin spice for the fall to light, cold gazpacho for hot summer days. If you love soups, you’ll be able to create a massive range of recipes by investing in an immersion or stand blender. Very high-speed blenders can even generate enough friction to warm up your soup for you, minimizing the number of dishes you’ll have to clean.

5. Blenders with Dough Hooks

If baking is your favorite hobby, you need a blender with a dough hook. Mixers such as this Tilt-Head Food Stand Mixer come with a dough hook for any avid bakers out there.

Tilt-Head Food Stand Mixer

6. Blenders for Making Your Own Powdered Sugar

Have you ever been overcome by the urge to make a sweet treat but found yourself without powdered sugar? In addition to making the dough for you, a few spins in the blender can turn regular white sugar into powdered sugar within minutes.

7. Blenders for Pastes and Nut Butters

Whether you want to make a fresh, homemade peanut butter for your own healthy take on the classic PB&J sandwich or you want to make almond or cashew butter, a blender is an invaluable kitchen tool for spread lovers.

8. Blenders for Frozen Drinks

Spring is on its way, and that means it’s time for cold and frozen drinks. What better way to spend the summer than by having a frozen margarita in the comfort of your own home? The Hamilton Multifunction Blender comes with an ice-friendly mode and a glass pitcher that’s perfect for serving your cocktails.

Hamilton Multifunction Blender

9. Blenders for Baby Food

A blender is an amazing asset for new parents as it allows you to mix up soft, baby-safe food in minutes. You can blend a range of baby-friendly purees, which means your baby or toddler will get all the healthy nutrients they need.

10. Blenders for Meats

Whether you want to make a meatloaf or meatballs, a blender with a meat hook is a great time-saving device for any meat-loving chefs. Bigger blades will slice up larger cuts of meat, but even a handheld blender can have functions suitable for ground meats.

11. Blenders for Fruits and Vegetables

If you love cooking but hate monotonous prep work, a blender with inbuilt blades for chopping fruits and vegetables could be your new favorite time-saving device. You can set your blender to a range of different modes so you can have your vegetables chopped in any thickness or shape you can think of.

12. Blenders for Skincare Products

Blenders may be stored in your kitchen, but their uses aren’t limited to food. You can use your blender to whip up your own natural cosmetics at home. Whether you want a sugar scrub for your lips or a calming face mask for your skin, your blender can help you whip up cosmetic products effortlessly.