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Choosing the Right Work Surface for Your Kitchen

Choosing the Right Work Surface for Your Kitchen

Choosing the Right Work Surface for Your Kitchen

A work surface is one of the first things people notice when they walk into a kitchen. It is in their line of vision, and there is usually a lot of it in most kitchens. The importance of choosing the right work surface for your kitchen should never be underestimated, but how can you get it right when there are so many different options?


The first thing to consider is your budget. Solid marble might look amazing, but if you do not have the money to pay for it, you are better off leaving it in the catalog and choosing something that won’t break the bank instead. A good kitchen designer will help you to plan your perfect kitchen on a budget that is right for you.


There are many different materials to choose from, and your selection might depend on the overall look you are aiming for:

Wooden Kitchen Worktop

Wood: This looks lovely in all styles of kitchen. It is durable but can scorch quite easily. It can be sanded if scratched, so it is easy to keep it in good condition.

Composite - This is made from natural quartz crystals mixed with binders. It is tough, virtually non-porous and resists scratches and heat damage. It looks very dramatic in dark colors but is more traditional in beige or cream.

Granite - This material is both beautiful and luxurious. It never goes out of fashion, but it is best suited to modern styles. It can be damaged if you spill wine or citric acid on it, but it is impervious to other stains or scorches.

Laminate - This is the best budget option. Laminate is versatile and available in a lot of different colors and styles that will suit any kitchen design. However, it is not compatible with heat or steam and is prone to getting scratched.

Glass - This is a popular material because it is easy to wipe clean and non-porous. It reflects the light well and is best suited to a contemporary style kitchen. It needs frequent wiping to prevent water marking.

Corian - This is made from a blend of acrylic resins, minerals and colorings. It is a low-maintenance option that works well with any style of kitchen.

Stainless Steel - This material can really make a statement in a contemporary kitchen. It is durable, heat-resistant and impervious to water. It is great for maintaining hygiene, which makes it a popular choice for commercial kitchens.

Work Surface Placement

Once you have decided what material to use, you need to decide where you want your work surfaces to be placed. If you are redesigning your whole kitchen, you have a blank canvas and can design your space in the way that works best for you. Moving work surfaces around can make your kitchen easier to work in.

People often choose to keep work surfaces in the same place when they redesign their kitchen as they have grown familiar with where their kitchenware goes. However, a popular option is to create a kitchen island. This will offer you more workspace and storage space and can create a divide between your kitchen and dining room areas if your space is open plan.

Additional Kitchen Ideas

One fantastic option when you are redesigning your kitchen is to make it versatile. Use a wheeled kitchen trolley, like this Sophisticated Kitchen Cart, to create your kitchen island so you can move it around your kitchen or home any time you need it. This is useful if you often have a large number of dinner guests as you can take the food to the table rather than having all your guests in your kitchen at the same time, which can feel crowded rather quickly.

Sophisticated Kitchen Cart

If you have a large kitchen but you do not need a lot of work surfaces, you can use storage cabinets, like this Buffet Server Cabinet, instead. These will help to improve the aesthetics of a large kitchen as it could look a little overwhelming or industrial if you have a lot of the same work surfaces. A traditional dresser could also look wonderful in a farmhouse-style kitchen, and it will offer you a fantastic amount of storage space for kitchen linens and crockery.

Buffet Server Cabinet

Choosing the right work surface and layout for your kitchen is fun and exciting. However, think carefully before you make a final decision as you will probably not want to change your kitchen design again for a few years.