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Common Features Of A Traditional Kitchen

Common Features Of A Traditional Kitchen

Common Features Of A Traditional Kitchen

There’s no doubt about it: the kitchen is the heart of the home, and you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this important room. The traditional kitchen style is a classic style and has been popular for years thanks to its timeless appeal. If you want to create this style in your own kitchen, there are several features you should consider. Check out our guide below, which outlines the important features a traditional kitchen should have.

Natural Materials

The traditional kitchen style mixes different materials, such as stone and wood, which gives the room a natural look. This is where you can get away with imperfections, as this gives the room a rustic and homely feel.


People often think of natural colors when they picture a traditional kitchen, such as browns and beiges, but there are several other types of colors that can be used together to enhance a traditional kitchen. White gives a timeless look, as do creams and grays, but soft, muted pastels also work well. The aim is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere with muted colors rather than bright and vibrant ones. The gray of this Rolling Kitchen Island Cart with Towel and Spice Rack, for example, is just perfect for a traditional kitchen thanks to its classic look.

Rolling Kitchen Island Cart with Towel and Spice Rack

Think about glazing or staining wood for a natural look. An aged and distressed look works well in a traditional kitchen, and limed wood also really suits the style.


You’re not going to be able to achieve the traditional style with ultra-modern cabinets, so opt instead for recessed cabinets and raised panel cabinets and be sure to hide high-tech appliances behind cabinet doors. Decorative features, including ornate metal or glass inserts and moldings, are also common./p>


In addition to the cabinets themselves, pay close attention to the small features, such as the hardware on the cabinets. Using ornate hinges and handles gives a traditional kitchen a real sense of style. There are lots of options to think about with hardware; either keep the hardware uniform throughout the whole room for a completely coordinated look, or for a more eclectic feel, think about matching hardware to specific cabinets and furniture. Match glass or metal knobs to cabinets with decorative glass or metal inserts. You might also think about coordinating hardware with tiling, either in color or by echoing the shape. Brass and copper especially suit the traditional kitchen style, and brass or copper faucet fixtures paired with a farmhouse sink adds a sophisticated elegance to the room.


Wooden Server With 9 Drawers and 6 Trays

In a traditional kitchen, it’s also common to have furniture such as dressers and island units. Pick a feature, such as color, hinges, or handles, to coordinate with your cabinets and it will give a rich, multilayered look to the room. A piece such as this Wooden Server With 9 Drawers and 6 Trays is both practical and stylish and would fit with the traditional style perfectly.


Kitchen tiles need to be practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be a design feature. In a traditional kitchen, tiles can add color and texture.

Natural Flooring

As with other features of the traditional kitchen, the flooring in a traditional-style kitchen usually has a natural or rustic look and feel. Instead of modern options, opt for natural choices such as stained wooden floorboards, natural stones, and terracotta tiles. If natural materials are not an option, there are now some synthetic options, such as laminates, that have a more rustic and aged look.

Decorative lighting

Lighting is important in any room. In the kitchen, lighting can be particularly important to ensure the room is well-lit for cooking and also to create a cozy atmosphere. In a traditional kitchen, decorative lighting is an important feature to enhance the look and feel of the room. Again, steer away from modern options such as spotlights, strip lights, or contemporary LED lighting systems and opt for recessed options for task lighting and ornate chandeliers or lantern-style lights.

Finishing touches

Elama Tahitian Waves 6-Piece 12 oz. Mug Set with Stand

One of the greatest features of the traditional kitchen style is its warm and cozy feel, and because of this, you can feel free to add your own personal touches. You don’t want to clutter the kitchen, but do display decorative items that add to the traditional style. This Elama Tahitian Waves 6-Piece 12 oz. Mug Set with Stand, for example, would perfectly complement a traditional kitchen and is too beautiful to pack away in a cabinet.