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Decorating With White Kitchen Appliances

Decorating With White Kitchen Appliances

Decorating With White Kitchen Appliances

These days, kitchen appliances are available in a multitude of colors and styles to suit any personal and interior design taste. However, there is also a wide range of freshly styled white kitchen appliances available. This color works surprisingly well with many interior design styles, so you may be surprised to learn that decorating with white kitchen appliances can be straightforward and stylish.

Simple Style

Larger white kitchen appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators, and smaller appliances such as kettles and toasters will blend perfectly into a kitchen with wall and base cabinets painted white. White tiled backsplashes complete this simple style. You can use wooden or terracotta flagstone to bring another texture to this attractive kitchen. The beauty of this arrangement is that the white appliances and cabinets will serve as a neutral backdrop for any kitchen fabrics you choose, such as tablecloths and curtains, which can easily be changed whenever you want.

Country Cabin Charm

Bring a touch of country cabin charm to your kitchen by combining your white kitchen appliances with a country-style decorating theme. This style is a fresh and charming look that is economical to achieve, especially if you are a fan of thrift stores. Apply pale chalky-blue paint to the kitchen base cabinets. Change out the drawer and cabinet handles for brass or white wooden handles. Search thrift stores or online auction sites for a vintage chandelier to place above a plain wooden kitchen table. Fix a wooden shelving unit on the wall to display a collection of vintage kitchen items. Then, hang some fine cotton curtains on the windows. Don’t forget to put a vase filled with country flowers on the table to complete this charming look.

Ultra-Modern Kitchen

White kitchen appliances can look incredibly stylish and elegant if they are incorporated into an ultra-modern kitchen that has been well designed. With white kitchen appliances used to complement the overall design, an ultra-modern kitchen is another decorating style that is simple to achieve and gives a clean and contemporary look. Cabinets will need to take advantage of every inch of storage space right up to the ceiling as all the kitchen equipment is neatly stored away to give this ultra-modern room a clear and uncluttered look. Find one or two well-chosen but stylish white kitchen appliances, like this White Single Cup Coffee Maker, to be the star of the show in your kitchen.

White Single Cup Coffee Maker

French Country Style

The French Country kitchen is an attractive style that allows you to bring together a mismatch of furniture styles with wonderful natural textiles and crockery. Search online or in your local thrift store for vintage furniture, crockery and glassware to provide a touch of authenticity to this look. White kitchen appliances fit in well with this French vintage look, and this style of kitchen is one where people will want to gather as food is prepared and drinks are shared. Arrange vintage furniture such as kitchen dressers, open shelving, sideboards and a large kitchen table to double as a worktop. Display baskets on counters and shelves for fresh vegetables and fruit. Leave cooking tools out on display, such as this White 5-Speed Stand Mixer, which will be handy for quickly mixing up a cake or some fresh bread. If space allows, place a comfy chair in the corner, too.

White 5-Speed Stand Mixer

Hamptons Style

Bring that Hamptons Style to your kitchen by decorating with fresh white kitchen appliances. This interior style brings in touches of white and pale ocean-washed colors. Add in some well-chosen paintings of sailboats and wide-open skies and seascapes, then arrange family photographs and beachcombed treasures on washed wooden shelves. Choose the appliances that you use regularly, such as your toaster, in pure white to continue this Hamptons-inspired lightness.

Budget Style

Budget Style

If a member of your family is off to college or heading out on their own for the first time, gift them some kitchen appliances to start off their new home. Keep these appliances simple and white. This basic starter style can be added to over the years, so there are no worries about mismatching colors if your first kitchen appliances are all white.

There are many different interior styles, from minimal and contemporary to traditional, vintage and country. They all incorporate many different elements, but by limiting your kitchen appliances to one color, you can keep the overall look simple yet stylish. Why not try incorporating some white kitchen appliances into your next kitchen styling project?