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Everything You Need For A Modern Kitchen

Everything You Need For A Modern Kitchen

Everything You Need For A Modern Kitchen

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home. If you look at the kitchens of yesteryear, they have all shared a similar theme, even though they may look very different. The kitchen was always the place where food was prepared, family and friends gathered and talked, and communal eating was enjoyed in an environment that was warm and welcoming. If you think of a modern kitchen, not much has changed, except we now have access to many labor-saving appliances and our kitchen storage spaces have developed into easy-to-keep surfaces and well-hidden storage units. So if you are thinking about what you will need for your modern kitchen, we have put together a few ideas just for you.

An Uncluttered Look

An Uncluttered Look

One of the main design features of a modern kitchen is an uncluttered appearance. The look of a modern kitchen is simple and clear, with a few well-placed items that are part of the overall design. Essential kitchen gadgets all have a home in a modern kitchen’s large and well-planned storage spaces. "There is a place for everything, and everything in its place", as our grandmothers might have said. The beauty of this uncluttered appearance is that it is so restful to live with and simple to work in. You can easily find the equipment you need, prepare a meal, and quickly whisk away the used dishes into a nearby dishwasher, which leads us on nicely to our next important feature of a modern kitchen.

Fitted Appliances

In a modern kitchen, major kitchen appliances are always one of the main features. In modern kitchens, these large appliances are neatly hidden away in plain sight. Who knew, for example, that behind that cabinet door was a refrigerator, a dishwasher, or even a freezer? We love these hard-working kitchen friends, but we don’t need to have them in view all the time. The beauty of the idea that these appliances are incorporated into the design of a modern kitchen is that they become part of the overall design itself, but to the guest or casual visitor, they could be just another storage cabinet.


If we look at the designs of kitchens from earlier decades, we can see the development of the kitchen from a place of freestanding furniture to what we have now with seamless storage space and clear and connected worktops. Gone are those free-standing cabinets with limited storage space and only a kitchen table to work on. In their place are purpose-designed cabinets or even moveable worktops that you can easily wheel around the kitchen to provide extra workspace where you need it most.

Worktops and Island Carts

Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top

Moveable units, such as this Kitchen Cart with Stainless Steel Top, can be incredibly convenient. If you are a home baker, for example, you can use one of these units to keep all your baking supplies. There is no need to go hunting around the cabinets for ingredients and kitchen tools when you can have it all stored in one of these units. When you decide to bake some cupcakes or banana bread, you have everything on hand, including the cake mixer. 

Small Kitchen Equipment

There are so many great ideas for kitchen equipment that the only problem you will have is deciding which one to buy! If you love homemade pasta, for example, a pasta machine is a must-have for your kitchen. If you are fond of fresh smoothies, what could be better than having some high-tech blenders and juicers on hand? It is like having your own personal chef taking care of all the hard work for you. Other essential small kitchen tools that are useful to have include a kettle, a toaster, a pressure cookers, a bread maker and a coffee maker, such as this Espresso Coffee Maker.

Espresso Coffee Maker


Many of us like to be eco-friendly, so let’s not forget that many appliances that we use in our modern kitchens also have eco-friendly features, such as a dishwasher that can do a quick wash or kitchen lighting that is eco-friendly.

Kitchens are still the area of the house where family and friends will want to gather most, particularly when a nice meal is involved. Even with up-to-date appliances and storage spaces, the modern kitchen can be just as welcoming as the kitchens of yesteryear. With kitchen designers coming up with even more clever kitchen design concepts all the time, all you have to do is choose what will fit in best with your own modern kitchen design.