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Making Your Kitchen Eco-friendly

Making Your Kitchen Eco-friendly

Making Your Kitchen Eco-friendly

Trends come and go all the time in the clothes we wear, our haircuts, and even how we decorate our homes. Now more than ever, there seems to be a shift toward eco-friendly options as we are all more aware of the impact we have on the environment. We want the products we buy to be sustainable and eco-friendly. The same is true for our homes, and this time, the "trend" looks set to last and become normalized. Read on for ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly.

Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances

Electric Hot Air Fryer

We all now know about single-use plastics and recycling our packaging, but what else can we do to be more environmentally responsible? There are options that will benefit you and the planet, such as energy-efficient appliances, like this Electric Hot Air Fryer. With the advances that have been made in technology in recent years, the electrical appliances we use in our homes are using much less energy than those of the past. That means less money spent on your electricity bills each month and a lower impact on the environment. Starting in the kitchen is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly as we spend so much time cooking and the refrigerator is always on. Look for the energy rating of each appliance when you make your shortlist and decide which one to purchase.

Make Your Refrigerator Smart

Speaking of the refrigerator, it’s a big one for energy consumption because it is always on. You can choose an energy-efficient model to be more eco-friendly, or go one step further and buy a smart model that can control its own core temperature. That has the added bonus of keeping the food inside fresher for longer, so it cuts down on your food waste, too.

Cabinets Can Be Clever, Too

Storage is so important in the kitchen, and being able to access what you need when you need it makes a big difference. We’re all guilty of having a big spring cleaning and finding jars at the back of the cabinet that are well past their use-by dates. Investing some money in cabinet storage solutions that make it easy to see what you have and reach everything can save money in the long run as you spend less on replacing the old food while reducing food waste.

Choose LED Lighting

Choose LED Lighting

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) consume less energy than “regular” light bulbs, and they last a lot longer as well. They are ideal in a kitchen upgrade as they can be used in overhead fittings or in place of spotlights if your kitchen has a contemporary feel. They are also a good option for placing under your wall units or at floor level to add some extra task lighting, or when overhead light is required. Choose a soft glow or bright white depending on the overall style of your space.

Choose A Boiling Water Faucet

Waiting for water to boil could be a thing of the past if you choose a modern boiling water faucet. They work the same as any other standard faucet with on and off and hot and cold, but a switch on the side will give you boiling water immediately, whenever you need it. No more lengthy waits for your morning coffee! The water in the faucet is filtered, so it is ideal for making drinks or cooking, and it means that you only ever draw as much as you need. It’s a good way to save on your energy consumption by removing the temptation to fill a kettle each time before boiling it.

Use Reclaimed Materials

Use Reclaimed Materials

Check out your local reclamation yard for materials for your floor or cabinets. Reusing materials puts a limit on the natural resources you put into your new space while reducing the energy required over the course of the production process. It might not seem like an obvious choice for being eco-friendly because we tend to think about what we can save going forward rather than saving on something already made, but it definitely counts and you end up with something beautiful and unique. And once you have installed it, using eco-friendly products to keep it looking its best is an easy win.

There are lots of ways you can improve your kitchen and make it more eco-friendly. Some are quick wins you can implement now, and others will be more of an investment for the next time you are refurbishing your kitchen. Ultimately, they will save you energy and money in the long term.