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Matching the Design of Your Kitchen to the Rest of Your Home

Matching the Design of Your Kitchen to the Rest of Your Home

Matching the Design of Your Kitchen to the Rest of Your Home

There’s a real art to interior design. It’s fun but not too difficult to make sure that your bedroom or living room, for example, has a pleasing and coherent design. However, fans of interior design will know the importance of having a house that functions as a cohesive whole—and how difficult it can be to make sure that your home is seamlessly designed. Here are a few tips for making sure that your home is beautifully designed and that the design of your kitchen is seamlessly integrated into the design of your home as a whole.

1. Choose Your Era

One of the most crucial things you can do when choosing your home’s design is to think of what your ideal house would look like. If you’re a fan of classic design, you’ll want to make sure that you have a cozy, farmhouse-style kitchen to match the rest of your traditional-looking home. Some classic design features that you could incorporate into your home include solid oak tables and sideboards. These make for a charming kitchen, and the solid wooden features could be echoed by solid wooden window sills or tables in your living room or a heavy, rustic headboard in your bedroom.

In contrast, if you’re a fan of modern design, you can choose a truly high-tech kitchen to reflect the contemporary look of your home. For example, fans of Scandinavian-inspired, contemporary design can make sure that there’s a light, airy, monochrome theme throughout their home.

2. Choose Your Color Scheme

Any interior design lovers will know that color is absolutely vital. Nothing brings a home together as a coherent, beautifully designed whole in quite the same way as having a color scheme that echoes throughout your whole home. If you have a signature color in your wardrobe - for example you’re a fan of the color red - why not have items in your favorite shade of red all throughout your home?

No matter what your signature color is, you’re sure to be able to find items in that specific shade. If, for example, your signature color is red, you can tie your home together by having a range of items in that color. Why not have red bedsheets in your bedroom, a red dining set in your dining room (for example, something like this 12-piece Gibson Elite dining set, and even some red kitchen gadgets like this Hobbs Red Toaster and red Brentwood Hot Air Popcorn Maker?

Brentwood Hot Air Popcorn Maker

No matter what your signature color is, you’re sure to be able to find a wide range of gadgets in that color for your kitchen and all the other rooms in your home. If you don’t have a signature color but do have a signature pattern, like leopard print or zebra print, you may well still be able to find gorgeous, unusual gadgets and furniture items to use throughout your home.

3. Choose Your Accessories

No matter what theme you choose for your home’s design, you need to be careful when choosing furniture, gadgets and other accessories. The items you place in your rooms are just as important as the color scheme you choose. A misplaced sofa, bed or even kettle can break the harmony of an otherwise nicely designed room. Solid, wooden items are the perfect feature pieces for a traditional home. Your classic kitchen or dining room design could truly be tied together by a solid wooden piece like the Transitional Wooden Server, which also offers a great amount of storage space for a kitchen of any size.

Transitional Wooden Server

If your home has an airy, contemporary design, you’ll want to make sure that your furniture fits this modern feel. One of the easiest ways to make sure that your kitchen blends into this modern atmosphere is by choosing the perfect, contemporary gadgets for your kitchen that give your home a light and airy atmosphere. One of the star features of Scandinavian-inspired design is glass feature pieces, such as transparent glass tables. Even glass kitchenware like the MegaChef Stainless Steel and Glass Kettle will give you a real sense of space no matter how big or small your home is.

MegaChef Stainless Steel and Glass Kettle

Imagine the Whole Space

When designing your living space, it is important to imagine your home as a whole, not as a set of individual rooms. That way, you’ll be able to create a space you’ll truly enjoy living (and cooking!) in.