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Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Fashions come and go with interiors just as much as they do with clothes, and kitchens are no exception. When it comes to refurbishing your kitchen, you should consider spending the money on a traditional kitchen design that will stand the test of time. One of the best things about a good traditional kitchen design is that it won’t ever look out of place and will always seem fashionable. They remain elegant no matter what the current short-lived trend is.

Traditional does not mean dated

Choosing a traditional kitchen does not mean opting for old or boring decor. Traditionally, quality was very important, and because the kitchen has long been the heart of the home, a kitchen would have been a place where you wouldn’t mind spending hours at a time. For a modern family or home chef, a traditional kitchen design might still be the best option. Keep it homely and warm, and you’ll be on the way to a gorgeous, traditional kitchen.

Traditional features

A modern, contemporary kitchen has lots of sleek lines with high-gloss, flat panels, whereas traditional designs are all about the details. This style has character, and with that comes decoration and sophistication. Start with the basics, using natural materials such as wood and stone. Manmade materials are kept to a minimum in a traditional design.

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As a result, the colors will look more muted, too, and aging is absolutely fine. Think forest greens or midnight blues, if the wood is painted at all. They’re classic neutrals that work well as the basis for accessories. Take a look at our Rolling Kitchen Island Cart or Heavy Duty Rolling Kitchen Cart; both options are a good way to start adding some tradition to your kitchen now. If you are considering a hybrid version of a traditional kitchen, go traditional for the “body” - the units and cabinets - and accessorize in a more modern way. That might be a color pop, for example, that might go out of fashion but is much cheaper to replace and easier to update when you change your mind.

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All in the detail

In contrast to the flat surfaces many modern kitchens favor, a key to a traditional kitchen is the detail that adds an extra dimension. Molding and paneling is a big part of the overall style of the cabinet doors. The sculpting and decoration all help to give the kitchen a homely feel that suggests that a family is living there and using the space.

Glazing is another feature of traditional kitchens, where highlighted cabinets will have glass fronts that allow dishes or glassware to be displayed. Sometimes the glazing will have added detail of mesh or mullions.

Kitchen islands will probably have legs, and door handles will likely be ornate. You might choose a grand light, or perhaps even a chandelier depending on the size of your space and the height of the ceiling.

Consider replacing your sink with a farmhouse sink as a signature feature of a traditional kitchen. They fell out of fashion for a time and were considered dated and old-fashioned, but now the tide has turned and they are one feature that many of us are putting at the top of our list in our refurbishment plans.

Mix and match

Although there are some unspoken rules about what a traditional kitchen should include, many will incorporate several different styles or colors. Mixing palettes and styles has no limit on number in a traditional-look kitchen; it all adds to the feel of a room that looks collected, curated, and one-of-a-kind.



The material used for the floors in traditional kitchens also tends to be natural. Tiles and stone are very popular, as is hardwood. Engineered wood floors are increasingly popular these days, which give the impression of solid wood at a fraction of the cost, and laminate flooring would also work if you have a tight budget. Consider the value for money, however, as scrimping on the floor in a high-traffic room like the kitchen might lead to more problems in the future. In general, the floor will be a lighter shade than the color of the cabinets.

“Traditional” does not mean “dated,” and as you might expect, these kitchens have been around for a while. You can be confident, therefore, that they are going to be around for a long time to come, too! A traditional kitchen is a sound investment, and it’s a style that will make your guests feel welcome.