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What is the Best Way to Descale a Kettle

What is the Best Way to Descale a Kettle

What is the Best Way to Descale a Kettle

Offering you the caffeine boost you want in the morning along with a whole host of health benefits, it’s not difficult to see why tea has recently been gaining popularity in the U.S. Although you can make tea in a microwave, real tea lovers will want to invest in a tea kettle, such as this MegaChef Glass and Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle, or this MegaChef Whistling Kettle if you prefer a stovetop version.

MegaChef Glass and Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle

Even if you only use filtered water in your kettle, some limescale buildup is inevitable. This is nothing to worry about! It is surprisingly easy to remove limescale buildup from your kettle as long as you do it regularly. Here are some tips to help you remove limescale from your kettle quickly and easily.

MegaChef Whistling Kettle

1. Use Baking Soda

Cleaning a kettle does not mean having to go out and buy specific, hard-to-find descaling products. One of the tried-and-tested ways of descaling a kettle is by using simple baking soda. If you are an avid baker or you like making your own bath bombs, you are bound to have baking soda in your kitchen already. Add a cup of baking soda to the inside of your kettle before filling it with water. Bring the mixture of baking soda and water to a boil before leaving your kettle to cool down completely. You can then use a scrubber to remove the limescale that has built up on the inside of your kettle.

If this doesn’t entirely remove the limescale buildup, you can pour out most of the water, then add more baking soda to the remaining water to make a thick paste. Coat the inside of your kettle with this mixture and scrub hard to remove the remaining limescale. Finally, you should rinse your kettle with some warm water to get rid of any baking soda residue.

2. Use Lemon Juice

Baking soda isn’t the only everyday kitchen product you can use to descale a kettle. You can also remove limescale buildup from your kettle with lemon juice, so head out to your lemon tree or produce department and stock up on lemons. You should pour some lemon juice into your kettle and leave it to sit for a while. After this, you can simply boil your kettle with the lemon juice still inside.

Use Lemon Juice

Make sure that there’s enough liquid in your kettle to avoid causing any damage to the elements by boiling it when it’s dry - the juice of approximately two large lemons should be enough to clean most kettles. Pour the boiled water out, then rinse the kettle with clean water. If there’s a lingering lemony smell in your kettle, cleaning it out with dish soap will get rid of this quickly.

3. Use Vinegar

A mixture of half white vinegar and half water is a fantastic way to clean limescale buildup out of your kettle. If you leave this mixture in your kettle overnight, it will eat away at the limescale that’s built up in your kettle. If you live with other people, make sure you leave a note in an obvious place so no one tries to make a cup of tea with the vinegar and water mixture!

This kettle descaling method is low-effort yet very effective. In the morning, you’ll be able to rinse out any of the remaining detritus and acidic smell. Be careful to boil and discard the first water you put in the kettle after cleaning it to make sure that you don’t accidentally make a cup of tea with an acidic taste.

4. Use Cola

Yet another item that can be found in most American kitchens that can be repurposed as a cleaning product is cola. Cola contains phosphoric acid, which makes it a great cleaning agent for removing limescale, rust and more. Fill your kettle with cola and keep it boiling for around half an hour.

The level of cola is likely to decrease during this time. If this happens, you should simply top up the amount of cola that’s in there. After keeping the cola boiling for half an hour, you should leave it to stand for around another thirty minutes or until it has fully cooled down. When the cola has cooled, discard it and use a scrubber to clean the inside of the kettle before rinsing with warm water.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks you can use to descale your kettle. There’s bound to be something in your kitchen that can do the job!