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Where is the best place to put a wine cabinet in your home?

Where is the best place to put a wine cabinet in your home?

Where is the best place to put a wine cabinet in your home?

If you are looking for the best place to put your wine cabinet, we have come up with some interesting ideas for you. Wine cabinets are not only used to store your favorite drinks and vintages; they can be decorative, too, and add to the style of the room where they are placed. Don’t just think of a wine cabinet for storing wine - think of it as additional furnishing to complement the room.


One of the more convenient places to keep a wine cabinet would be in the kitchen. After all, it is the ideal room to store the wine after it has just been delivered or brought home from the store. Some wine cabinets are built into the kitchen units themselves, while others can be placed at the end of a kitchen counter. Keeping a wine cabinet in the kitchen makes it simple for you to unpack the wine quickly and store it away safely. Some of these wine cabinets are open plan, so you can see how much wine you have and when it needs replenishing.

Dining Room

You might also consider the dining room. If you entertain regularly, this will be the ideal room to keep your wine cabinet. When you are sitting around the table having that special dinner with a loved one or entertaining guests at holiday times of the year, it will be convenient to just open up the cabinet doors and select the ideal bottle of wine to go with your meal. This type of wine cabinet, like this Spacious Wooden Wine Cabinet, does not need to look like an obvious wine cabinet; it could be hidden behind closed doors that are designed to blend in perfectly with the rest of your formal dining room furniture. 

Spacious Wooden Wine Cabinet


In days gone by, no lounge would have been complete without having a small mini bar or wine cabinet in the corner of the room. Current interior styles are bringing back this elegant idea, and you may find that there are many beautifully styled wine cabinets that will also double as a mini bar, like this Sturdy Modern Bar Unit. When you are having a trendy cocktail party or just having some friends over to watch the game, you can serve drinks from the wine cabinet while staying in the same room as your guests. 

Sturdy Modern Bar Unit


If you are a serious wine collector, you may have an extensive wine collection that you like to keep properly stored away. Have you considered using your basement for storing wine? In the basement, you can control the temperature and keep that larger stock of wine at optimum condition. There are many types of wine cabinets that are created just for this purpose, but you can find well-designed wine cabinets that are functional and attractive, too. If you want to keep larger stocks of wine in the basement, why not look for wine cabinets that will work well when grouped together?

Portable Wine Cabinet

If you have a wine cabinet fitted with casters, your wine cabinet can be moved to whichever location you prefer or where it is most needed. This type of wine cabinet is ideal if you are entertaining outdoors, on the deck, or when having a cookout, for example. It can be wheeled to the area where the food and other drinks are being served so you can easily pour your guests wine without having to go back and forth to the kitchen.


When you are thinking about the ideal place to put your wine collection, don’t forget to position the cabinet away from direct light and heat. Wine can be very sensitive to light and heat, and you may find that it will spoil if it's not kept in the right conditions. Therefore, it would be best to aim for a cooler and darker area of the room, especially if you expect to keep the wine in the cabinet for long periods.

Close up of wine bottles

There are many things to consider when placing a wine cabinet in your home. You may need to consider the style of the wine cabinet and which design would fit in well with the rest of your interior design. There is also the important consideration of keeping your wine at its optimum temperature. Wherever you decide to place your wine cabinet, you can be sure it will be a useful addition to your home furnishings and play an important part in successful home entertaining.